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I Softball
Monday 4/17 - home game
Tuesday 4/18 - home game
Wednesday 4/19 - practice 2-4
Thursday 4/20 - away game @ Amherst
Friday 4/21 - No Practice

S Softball

Tues: Practice 3-5
Wednesday: Home game vs. Londonderry
Thursday: Game vs. Hood (at Hood)
Friday: NO practice

I Baseball
Monday 4/17
Game: Pennichuck 
Home game
Time: 4pm

Tuesday 4/18
Game: Fairgrounds 
Home game
Time: 4pm

Wednesday 4/19
Practice: 4-6

Thursday  4/20
Game: Amherst 
Away Game
Time: 3:30

Friday 4/21
Practice 4-6

S Baseball

: team photo 2pm. Practice: 3 to 5pm at the hockey field.
Tuesday3 to 5 pm at the hockey field (can we make use of the baseball field for practice ??)
Wednesday: Home Game (Hood)  4 pm vs. Londonderry
Thursday: Game 3:30pm vs. Hood 
Friday: No Practice
Monday 4/17: 2 PM pictures; wear uniform - athletes interested in purchasing photos were told to pick up order forms from Mrs. O'Connor.  Practice will follow pictures 2-4.
Tuesday 4/18:  Meet in Concord (Memorial Field 70 South Fruit St.) 3:45 - bus at 2PM from WRB
Wednesday 4/19:  off
Thursday 4/20:  practice 2-4
Friday 4/21:  off 

If you have further questions, please email Sheryl O'Connor, West Running Brook Athletic Director at