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Golf Tournament 8.14.20

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Nancy Apostol Award

If you are unfamiliar with this award, Nancy was a former teacher at Grinnell who passed away many years ago. She made a big difference in the lives of all of her students. In honor of her, this award was established in her honor to recognize others that have done similar amazing things that she did. Nominations are due to Brenda Willis no later than February 21, 2020. When the winner is announced, a celebration is held at the school of the award winner. The cost of this celebration is split by all Derry PTA and Derry PTSA's.

You can find a nomination form, here.

Deliberative Session and the Derry PTA Scholarship

For the past few years, the Derry PTA's and PTSA's have been selling baked goods, water, and coffee during the Deliberative Session. The funds raised are used to help reduce the cost to each PTA for the Nancy Apostol Award and the Derry PTA Scholarship (given to a high school student). You may have in your budget a line item for Nancy Apostol and the Scholarship. Before billing (South Range has paid these items and all the schools would send us a check for their portion of the cost) each school for these items, we would deduct the money collected from the Bake Sale at the Deliberative Session. We need volunteers to help donate baked goods and water to this event. There is a sign-up genius that you can pass onto your members who may be able to help or to share the information at an upcoming PTA meeting. Items would be dropped off at West Running Brook on Friday, February 7th or brought Saturday morning February 8th. Thanks in advance for all your help.

Interim President

Judy Follo

Vice President

Kim Yager


Kerry King


J.J. Ludman