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Team 6-1

Language Arts Mrs. Carr
Math Mrs. Ciarla (Team Leader)
Science Mrs. Hugo
Social Studies Mrs. Allen
Special EducationMrs. O'Donnell and Ms. Lavallee

Homework for week  December 11- December 15

Social Studies: Ms Allen (purple - students did not have to write info)

Monday 12/11-Create-A-Country/Visual Arts Project due today.  

Tuesday 12/12- 5 Themes Take Home Quiz now due Friday 12/14 Young Inventors

Wednesday 12/13- Movie Permission Slip $5 due 12/15 Bear Buddies 2:00-2:45  

Thursday 12/14- S BBall home 3:30 and 5:00

Friday- 12/15-

Do you owe any of these?

*5 Themes Checklist Packet (pick 6 out of 9 assignments)

*History of What??%&* GC

Agenda / Future dates:

PTSA Reflection Art Show 12/21 at Coffee Factory

S BBall home 3:30 and 5:00 Home vs Hood Monday 12/18

Language Arts 12/11-12/15

Students have been given a summary on Oliver Twist, they must use as a study guide. Coupled with this I will review the text in class. There will be a quiz on it on Weds or Thursday. It will be a 10% grade.

On Friday we will begin Prisoner B. Students will have a packet to work on during this unit. They can work on it as we are reading, and finish any unfinished chapters at home.

MATH 12/11 to 12/15

Students may access their math books online:


Login using school gmail and password

Google classroom Codes:  

Orange 1uy6d7

Yellow tufcbjq

Blue 1gap18

Purple os5qgfx

Monday: Work on study guide 1 & 3

Tuesday:  Worksheet 4.3

Wednesday: Work on study guide questions 2, 4, 11

Thursday: Worksheet 4.3 ext

Friday: None

Assessment on Chapter 4 will be on Thursday 12/21

Science: Ms Hugo (12/11 - 12/15)

Monday Think about what is chemistry.

Tuesday What is chemistry?

Wednesday What is matter?

Thursday Review notes

Friday Happy Weekend!!

Google Classroom Codes:

Blue: e2idn6d      Orange: ztscdbg   Yellow: zuwpxa0   Purple: vb9pvbn

Pace Math: Ms Richardson

Monday (12/11) Finish Math Journal if necessary (p. 67-70)

Tuesday (12/12) ONLINE - due Wed. 7:15 am

Wednesday (12/13) Finish p. 134-135/ 7-19 odd, 21-23

Thursday (12/14) 4.1 and 4.2 quiz Friday

Friday (12/15) No HW

Pace LA: Ms Lagrasse

Students are researching the wonders of the world, and choosing one to argue is THE wonder!  

Reading journals are due Friday, 12/15