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Team 6-1

Language Arts Mrs. Carr
Math Mrs. Ciarla (Team Leader)
Science Mrs. Hugo
Social Studies Mrs. Allen
Special Education Mrs. O'Donnell & Mrs. Marescia

Homework for week April 10th-14th

Social Studies: Ms Allen (purple - students did not have to write info)

Monday 4/10- Yearbook orders due 4/21

Tuesday 4/11- (new) Review wk sheet on Google due 4/20 / Floor Hockey 2-3

Wednesday 4/12- Fundraiser Forms Due 4/19

Thursday-4/13- Early Release 11:50 / Study for Science

Friday- 4/7- Book Fair / Happy Easter  

Did you turn in:

3 writing prompts?

History of What???  

Saving the High Seas?

Shipwrecked Vocab?

Language Arts 4/10-4/14

Monday: Dialogue sheet

Tuesday: Dialogue sheet and work on rough draft of children’s book.

Wednesday: Bring in the rough draft of children’s book.

Thursday: OT


Work continuously on your children’s book. Once you type the basic plotline into Google slides you can edit and revise, add more detail, and make changes more easily. Don’t forget to share with me, so I can help with corrections.

MATH 4/10 to 4/14

Students may access their math books online:


Login using school gmail and password

Monday: None

Tuesday: Worksheet 8.2

Wednesday: None

Thursday: None

Friday: Worksheet 8.3

Science: Ms Hugo (4/10 - 4/14)

Monday  Study for Weather Assessment

Tuesday  Study Weather practice test

Wednesday Study

Thursday   Early Release ~ Study

Friday   Weather Assessment   ~    Happy weekend.

Google Classrom codes

Orange: 7r98i5      Yellow: m9msof6      Green: aq8gb7      Blue: 6mtt7h

Pace Math: Ms Richardson

Monday (4/10)  Finish classwork (Practice 5-7)

Tuesday (4/11)  Finish writing assignment on how to find an angle in a figure made of 2 triangles

Wednesday (4/12) Ch. 7 Performance Task due Thursday (assigned 3/30)

Thursday (4/13) Chapter 7 Test Friday

Friday (4/14) No HW

PACE LA: Ms. O’Neil

Week of March 13 - 17:

Ten new suffixes this week. We will have a quiz on this week’s suffixes on Friday.

Keep up with the reading schedule for Walk Two Moons

      chapters 12 - 14 by March 21

        chapters 15 - 17 by March 22

        chapters 18 - 20 by March 23
        chapters 21 - 23 by March 27