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Team 6-1

Language Arts Mrs. Carr
Math Mrs. Ciarla (Team Leader)
Science Mrs. Hugo
Social Studies Mrs. Allen
Special EducationMrs. O'Donnell and Ms. Lavallee

Homework for week June 4-8

Social Studies: Ms Allen (purple - students did not have to write info)

Monday 5/28- Happy Memorial Day

Tuesday 5/29- New FUN assignment on Google due 5/31 Grinnell Gently Used Books?

Wednesday 5/30- Indoor soccer today-  

Thursday 5/31- Indoor soccer today-

Friday 6/1- Indoor soccer today-

Agenda / Future dates:

13 more days of school :(

Language Arts 6/4-6/8

No written homework this week. Please read your SSR.

MATH 6/4 to 6/8

Students may access their math books online:


Login using school gmail and password

Google classroom Codes:  

Orange 1uy6d7 Yellow tufcbjq Blue 1gap18 Purple os5qgfx

RETURN Math book as soon as possible

Monday: None

Tuesday:  None

Thursday: None

Friday: None

Science: Ms Hugo (June 4-8)

Monday Working on Wegener’s Theory Activity

Tuesday Completing Wegener’s Theory Activity

Wednesday Starting Plate tectonics

Thursday No Homework

Friday  Happy weekend!!

Google Classroom Codes:

Blue: e2idn6d      Orange: ztscdbg   Yellow: zuwpxa0   Purple: vb9pvbn

Pace Math: Ms Richardson

Monday (6/4) p. 386/ 7-12

Tuesday (6/5) Ch. 9 Test Wed.

Wednesday (6/6) No HW

Thursday (6/7) No HW unless progress is not made on classwork

Friday (6/8) No HW


Pace LA: Ms LaGrasse

This Thursday is the poetry cafe!!  Students have been practicing and preparing for quite some time, and we’re looking forward to celebrating poetry together!