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Team 6-1

Language Arts Mrs. Carr
Math Mrs. Ciarla (Team Leader)
Science Mrs. Hugo
Social Studies Mrs. Allen
Special Education Mrs. O'Donnell & Mrs. Marescia

Homework for week Feb 20-24

Social Studies: Ms Allen (purple - students did not have to write info)

Monday 2/20- Review wk sht due Friday 2/24

Tuesday 2/21- Classroom Review wksht due Friday, 2/16???  Volleyball today 2:00-3:15!!!!!

Wednesday 2/22- Start studying for a test- Review vocab words we’ve covered so far. KCC mtg

Thursday-2/23- Car Poem due tomorrow, 2/24

Friday- 2/24- Happy Vacation!  Fisher Cat Challenge due 3/16 at 2:00 ??? 5 books? /  Any Comm Service to report?  /  Coke Rewards is changing- need to enter all points by mid-March

Language Arts 2/20-2/25

Monday:Read for 20 mins

Tuesday/ Weds/ Thurs: Work on Index cards and Worksheet for ad re and se. (Due Friday 2/25)

Friday: Have a great vacation, be safe!


MATH 2/20 to 2/24

Students may access their math books online:


Login using school gmail and password

Monday: Worksheet 6.5

Tuesday: Study Guide for Chapter 6

Wednesday: Worksheet 6.5 ext.

Thursday: Study for assessment

Friday: Assessment in class No Homework

Science: Ms Hugo (2/20 - 2/24)

Monday  Beginning Proposal presentations

Tuesday  What is weather?

Wednesday What is the atmosphere?

Thursday  Review notes

Friday  Enjoy your break!

Google Classrom codes

Orange: 7r98i5      Yellow: m9msof6      Green: aq8gb7      Blue: 6mtt7h

Pace Math: Ms Richardson

Monday (2/20)  p. 213 (all)

Tuesday (2/21) ONLINE - due Wed. 7am

Wednesday (2/22) p. 224/ 4-7, 16,17

Thursday (2/23) p. 224-225/ 1-3, 12-15, 20-22, 25, 27, 29, 30, 31

Friday (2/24) Have a great vacation!

PACE LA: Ms. O’Neil

Week of February 20 - 24:

Ten new prefixes this week. We will have a quiz on weeks one and two on Friday.

The first draft of your argumentative essay is due by the end of the day on Tuesday. Revise for homework Wednesday and Thursday. Final draft is due on Friday.