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Team 6-1

Language Arts Mrs. Carr
Math Mrs. Ciarla (Team Leader)
Science Mrs. Hugo
Social Studies Mrs. Allen
Special EducationMrs. O'Donnell and Ms. Lavallee

Homework for week April 16th-20th

Social Studies: Ms Allen (purple - students did not have to write info)

Monday 4/16- Testing

Tuesday 4/17- Current Event Due today 4/17 Frisbee 2-3:30   S- Home vs Londonderry 3:30 Baseball plays at Hood, Softball plays at Humphrey

Wednesday 4/18- *** Order a Yearbook by 4/20  Solar Sprint

Thursday 4/19- Golf 2:00-2:10 Frisbee 2-3:30 Talent Show Thursday, 6-7pm $5 person $10 family.

Friday 4/20- Movie & Auction / Field Trip forms due Friday May 4th. ***Yearbook orders due today / WRB at Hood S BB and SB 3:30

Do you owe me?

3 writing prompts?

Journal? Paragraph on identity?

Net Worth?

Agenda / Future dates:

Vacation April 23-27 (3 more alarm wake ups)

38 more days of school :(

Language Arts 4/16-4/20

Monday: Research a legend from another country: print a copy of it. Be prepared to share on Tuesday, 4/17.

Tuesday: Study for 30 word, root, prefix and suffix summative    assessment on 4/19 (Please note this date changed from 4/18 as we have our final day of testing on the 18th)

Weds-Fri:Choose a good book to read over vacation.  

MATH 4/16 to 4/20

Students may access their math books online:


Login using school gmail and password

Google classroom Codes:  

Orange 1uy6d7 Yellow tufcbjq Blue 1gap18 Purple os5qgfx

Monday: State testing

Tuesday:  Study and finish study guide for chapter 7

Wednesday: NH State Testing

Thursday: Assessment on chapter 7 in class

Friday: None

Science: Ms Hugo (April 16-20 )

Monday NH State Assessment ~ Math

Tuesday Name 3 biotic factors and 3 abiotic factors

Wednesday N.H. State Assessment ~ Writing

Thursday Review notes

Friday  Happy Vacation!!

Google Classroom Codes:

Blue: e2idn6d      Orange: ztscdbg   Yellow: zuwpxa0   Purple: vb9pvbn

Pace Math: Ms Richardson

Students that are not satisfied with their grade for the Ch. 7 online test may request that Mrs. Richardson "un-submit" the test so that they may make corrections.  The test must be resubmitted by Friday 4/20 at 7:00 am


Monday (4/16)  All math journal work for sections 10.1 - 10.5 should be complete (classwork last week)

Tuesday (4/17)  10.1 - 10.5 Quiz  Wed. (Team 6-2); Thursday (Team 6-1)

Wednesday (4/18)  See Tues.

Thursday (4/19) No HW

Friday (4/20) Have a great vacation


Pace LA: Ms LaGrasse

We have begun our author study on Sharon Creech by reading Walk Two Moons.  Students have a reading guide and assignments in Google Classroom to guide them through the study.